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If the artists who have been struggling for years to “Come Out” have not realised it yet…..the truth is you will never COME OUT!!!!! This is because, as it stands, for one to “Come Out” they have to be validated. The Mainstream and other players in-between have to Validate you!!

Artists have spent years waiting to be validated while they actually ought to fine tune their products so that they offer a product that is unique from the Mainstream so as to stay relevant.

As a Hip Hop artist, do not wait to be validated by anyone…You have the Power within you no one holds the power for you…..Hip Hop is an intelligent Culture we need constant thinking to stay relevat with the changing times.

It is a cheap lie that changing style makes one validated.
Do what you feel like doing in the best way that you can. The beginning of Poverty I have learn’t through the years is not believing in oneself…….

Divisions and other things come in because people don’t believe in themselves….. Brothers and sisters….VALIDATE YOURSELVES….Make copies of your music like mad men and distribute it madly if radio wont play…
A presenter asks you for 5000/= to play your song!!!!
Use that money and buy 500 copies of CD, burn your classic music in the cds and sell the cd for 20/= or distribute to friends, clubs, matatus etc for free … what radio does is simply making people hear the music. You can do the same. A good music sound nowadays can be hired for 6000/= inclusive of logistics a whole night in the outskirts and estates. Serious individuals (HipHop artists) can be contributing the said amount every month to hire equipment and organize gigs in the estates and ghettos to do what radio wont do.

Thats better coz Merchandise will sell faster and the good music guarantees customer satisfaction which means faster distribution even if through piracy etc but eventually we penetrate the market.

The real issue is that Mainstream Music is abundant in the streats, clubs, matangas, everywhere where it is openly pirated but still the artists are able to live successfully. If a DJ wont distribute your music….You dont worry just Make good music, do nice Videos and then hustle to show what you have. Attend parties….matangas….football matches…basketball games and any form of gathering and showcase that ill talent that the Mainstream is not able to showcase in the events they organise and do not invite you….after people become aware of your capabilities…..then you will “COME OUT” avoid the cheap politicking, sycophancy and give me some REAL HIPHOP.