“His talent in stage performance was discovered from a young age participating in various poetry exhibitions from as young as seven years old when he first appeared on national television (KBC) reciting a poem titled “I Wonder”. He later on grew to form Achon Pong Clan with his neighbors Chizzen Brain and Njamba Men. Achon Pong Clan was the first Hip Hop/Rap Group from Magongo in Mombasa back in 1994. In 1996 the met with other rappers from Kwa Hola and Kisauni and formed Ukoo Flani. In 1999 they came together with Mau Mau camp of Nairobi that was formed by Kalamashaka and the ended up with UkooFlani MauMau.
R.I.C, released his first album in 2007 Titled ” VICHEKO JELA BARIDI” ( Swahili for Laughter in the Prison Remands) and that was followed by a Mixtape in 2008 ” MWANAKETREKETA VOL1″ (Which is Swahili for Activism), and Another in 2009 ” MWANAKEREKETA VOL2″.

He was diagnosed with having the H.I.V virus some years back and after undergoing a period of devastation and denial, he was able to pull himself up and formed the Slums Lead Self Help Group, a collective of artist and musicians living with H.I.V and those directly affected by the virus.

He is currently working on his second Album titled “The Voice of H.I.V” set to be released in 2016. This brother is very determined to make his statement. Rhymes Intellectual Chief Has A Reason For Being Here, Now In This World- He tries to address the real issues affecting Africans as well as any human being situations and having fun, love and comics.
Besides music he has been working tirelessly in training workshops for artists and musicians in Kenya so that they can join the fight against H.I.V by becoming anti-stigma education ambassadors.

His Single titled “HOI” was an instant hit with the urban ghetto youth in the inner cities. Socially conscious lyrics took the radio and streets by storm.”